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Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA)

General Information

Sections of the original law of 1965
  • Title I—Financial Assistance To Local Educational Agencies For The Education Of Children Of Low-Income Families
    • To qualify: 40% or more of students qualify as low-income
    • Schools receiving funding from Title I are regulated by federal legislation including NCLB
    • Funds may be used for students from preschool through high school
  • Title II—School Library Resources, Textbooks, and other Instructional Materials
  • Title III—Supplementary Educational Centers and Services
    • originally provided matching grants for supplementary education centers
  • Title IV—Educational Research And Training
  • Title V—Grants To Strengthen State Departments Of Education
  • Title VI—General Provisions
Student Information
  • Amendments in 1966 created the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped (BEH) (later titled the Office of Special Education Programs [OSEP]) which became the administering agency for the EHA and the IDEA
  • Amendments in 1967 brought the first national commitment to technical assistance and dissemination and created regional resource centers (RRC) for special education
School Information
  • Provides funding for schools and districts with a high percentage of students in low-income families under Title I