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Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 (EHA)

General Information

Student Information
  • Established services to facilitate school to work transition through research and demonstration projects (1983 amendment)
  • Established parent training and information centers (1983 amendment)
  • Provided funding for demonstration projects and research in early intervention and early childhood special education (1983 amendment)
  • Mandated services for preschoolers (1986 amendment)
  • Established the Part H program to assist states in the development of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and statewide system of early intervention services for infants (1986 amendment)
School Information
  • Schools required to evaluate handicapped students and create an educational plan with parent input to follow as closely as possible the educational experience of non-disabled students
  • School districts must establish administrative procedures so that parents of disabled children can dispute decisions made about their children’s education